KingHome Heat Pump KU60UHO / 4-5 TON


The real Cold Climate by KingHome Heat Pump KU60UHO ( GREE)  

The KingHome Ultranixx KU60UHO is a ducted heat pump system designed for residential or light commercial applications. It features inverter technology to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling, and is designed to be compact and easy to install. The system also includes features such as auto-restart, sleep mode, and a programmable timer for added convenience and comfort.

  • Outdoor unit adopts inverter compressor, efficiency is up to 20 SEER .

  • Adopt Gree two-stage compression EVI technology, small performance decline at extremely hot or cold area.

  • Compatible with most standard 24V thermostat and third-party furnaces.

  • KingHome Heat Pump KU60UHO Inverter technology, quieter, more comfortable, more energy saving.

  • Installation similar to traditional air conditioner.

  • Compact space saving design; perfect for installation with space limitation such as zero-lot-line house.

  • Quiet operation, Capable of heating below -30C
  • Dual-fuel operation. Flexible and Smart choice between Gas and Electricity to give you the ultimate comfort and energy savings