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Air Conditioner Winter Cover For Carrier , Bryant & Payne

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Product Description

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This Size Fits 2 Ton – 5 Ton of Air Conditioners

Covers fits the following brand : models: Carrier , Bryant , Payne

Used on Models: 38BR 024 Ser. 0; 38BRB 024 Ser. 0; 38BRC 024 Ser.30; 38BRC 030 Ser.2/3/31; 38BRC 036 Ser.4/5/32/52; 38BRG 030 Ser.0; 38BRG 036 Ser.0/1; 38CK 048 Ser. 1/5/6; 38CKB 048 Ser. 0/1; 38CKC 048 Ser.0/1/2/3/4; 38CKC 060 Ser.1; 38CKG 048 Ser.30/31; 38CKG 060 Ser.31; 38CKQ 048 Ser.0/1; 38CKS 042/060 Ser.0; 38CKW 048 Ser.0; 38CKX 048 Ser.1/2; 38CM 036/042 Ser. 0/1; 38CM 048 Ser. 0; 38CMB 036 Ser. 0; 38CMB 042 Ser. 0; 38CMC 036 Ser.30/32; 38CMC 042 Ser.30/31; 38CMC 048 Ser.31; 38EZA036 Ser.2; 38EZA042/048 Ser.1; 38EZG 036 Ser.31; 38EZG 042 Ser.30/50; 38EZG 048 Ser.30/50; 533AN036-C; 533AN042-A/B; 533AN048-A/B; 533GN036-B; 533GN042-A; 533GN048-A; 561AJ048-B/C/D/E/F/G; 561CJ048-A/B/C; 561CJ060-B/D; 561GN048-A/B; 561GN060-B; 561MJ048-F/G; 561NJ048-A/B; 561SJ042-A/B; 561SJ060-A; 561WJ048-A/B; 562AJ036-B; 562AJ042-A/B; 562AJ048-A; 562CJ036-A/C; 562CJ042-A/C; 563AN024-A; 563CN024-A; 563CN030-B/C/D; 563CN036-C/E/F; 563GN030-A/B; 563GN036-A/B/C; AA1A048 Ser.B/C/E; AA1C048 Ser.A/B; AB1C036 Ser.A; AB1C042 Ser.A; AC1C024 Ser.A; PA13NR018 Ser.C; PA13NR024 Ser.A/B/E; PA13NR030 Ser.B/E


Weight 3 Pounds (lbs)
Width 30 Inches (In)
Height 28 Inches (In)
Country of Origin CAN
Length 30 Inches (In)
Brand Brinmar
Color Beige
Composition Industrial vinyl fabric with a reinforced cloth backing
Prop 65 Yes
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