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Bosch Climate 5000 Ductless Heat Pump System , Single Zone 9000 Btu


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Product Description

Why Bosch Mini Split Systems?

An exceptional alternative to traditional HVAC Systems is here with the Split Air Conditioners Bosch Climate 5000 Single Zone 9000 Btu. Focusing on individual living spaces this system provides on-demand comfort that is flexible, simple to install, and easy to maintain. The Split Air Conditioners Bosch Climate 5000 Single Zone 9000 Btu with Ductless Heat Pump System utilizes a combination of efficient technologies to achieve up to a 22 SEER rating.

Take Control

Indoor air handlers can be automatically programmed with a 24-hour timer function, or controlled with the included remote control for maximum individualized comfort. As an added benefit, mini splits give you the option of only heating or cooling rooms you use the most instead of the standard centralized “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Effortless Comfort

By utilizing advanced, energy-saving inverter drive technology, the Mini-Split System Bosch Climate 5000 Single Zone 9000 Btu can help achieve even temperature/humidity levels throughout the conditioned space. The indoor unit senses the room’s temperature and automatically adjustments the fan speed to achieve consistent comfort.

Easy to Install and Maintain

No ductwork is needed for installation, making the Split Air Conditioners Bosch Climate 5000 Single Zone 9000 Btu Ductless Heat Pump System perfect for tight spaces. Only a 3” diameter opening is needed for running the lines. Indoor air quality is managed with an easily accessible integrated multi-part filter system. The built-in Self Cleaning mode removes moisture and additional particles to assure fresh, breathable air.

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  • Energy-efficient to save you money – Up to 22 SEER
  • Silent mode – Super quiet with sound levels as low as 20 dBA
  • Available as single-zone or multi-zone system
  • Designed for easy installation and maintenance


Climate 5000 – Brochure 

Climate 5000 – Manuals 

Climate 5000 – ESS (PDF 1.5 MB) 

Climate 5000 – Spare Parts 

Climate 5000 – FAQ 

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