Your air conditioning unit is a great way to beat the intolerable summer heat as it not only provides a cool indoor environment but the latest models such as Amana ASX13 Air Conditioners 3 Ton also ensure quiet operations. Besides this, these air conditioning systems are designed to have an advanced diagnostic system that immediately shuts the system down after detecting any issue. If you want to Buy Central Air Conditioners, especially Amana ASX13 Air Conditioners 3 Ton, visit the product page of Installmart.

Amana ASX13 Air Conditioners 3 Ton Installmart

Specifications Of Installmart ASX13 Air Conditioners

  • Offer up to 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)
  • Contains energy-efficient compressor
  • Equipped with single-speed condenser fan motor
  • Has factory-installed inline filter drier

Cost & Price of ASX13 3 Ton

These Air conditioning Units may not seem pocket-friendly when it comes to the initial Amana ASX13 Air Conditioners 3 Ton Cost. However, they can prove to be highly efficient in the long run. Amana’s AC units are a perfect choice for homeowners, who live in areas where summers are hotter, due to their high SEER. These units are available at $3,200.00 for up to 3100 square feet including installation cost. However, if you want to avail amazing discounts on the price, get a membership as the discounted price for members is $3,040.00.

Amana ASX13 Air Conditioners 3 Ton Installmart

When you Buy Online Amana ASX13 Air Conditioners 3 Ton, our experts will get it installed in your place within 48 hours. We also offer 10 years warranty on parts and 1 year labor warranty on Buying Amana air Conditioner from our company. Installmart also offer Air Conditioners Installation, Air Conditioners Replacement and Air Conditioners Repairing services to both residential and commercial users. To get more information about Amana ASX13 Air Conditioners 3 Ton Price, make a call at 1-800-531-1268.

Features & Advantages of Installmart ASX13 Air Conditioners

Energy-Efficient Compressor

ASX13 Air Conditioners are highly energy-efficient due to the compressors they contain. One of the common complaints regarding the Amana air conditioners is about compressor’s malfunctioning but our AC units have shown good performance. Amana Air Conditioners by Installmart have 14 SEER performances. This means greater efficiency that will further reduce operating costs and energy bills.

Copeland® CoreSense Diagnostics

It is one of the breakthrough innovations as it continuously monitors the performance of Amana AC. CoreSense Diagnostic uses compressor as a sensor to detect problems. On detection of any issue, it automatically shuts down the unit to avoid system or failure.

Amana ASX13 Air Conditioners 3 Ton by Installmart Online

Quiet Operation

It is one of the most productive features of Amana Air Conditioners as it reduces the operating sounds and supports quiet operations. It is also equipped with a heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure in addition to a sound-control top.

Efficient Cooling Capacity

This Air Conditioning Unit offers a comfortable and cool indoor environment during hot months.

Single-Speed Condensor Fan Motor

It is another important feature of Amana Air Conditioners.

Reasons to buy Amana ASX13 Central Air Conditioners 1.5 Ton

To be brief, Online Central Air Conditioners have many benefits other than indoor cooling. If you want to know more about Central Air Conditioners Price or Central Air Conditioners Cost to decide what size or type of Amana Air Conditioners will be within your budget range, schedule an appointment with our experts without any further delay.