Your home air ducts are the pathways for your HVAC System. In fact, they act as the air circulatory system of your home that distributes the warm and cool air within your residential or commercial property, therefore, regular duct cleaning is crucial. Homeowners can call Duct Cleaning Services Kitchener to ensure healthy indoors.

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Home Air Duct Systems contain linked tunnels, supply or return ducts, and pipes that distribute the air through vents in rooms. Many homeowners consider air ducts as lungs because cold or warm air passes inside them. The more accurate description can be “home’s arteries” about air ducts. This is because the body organs will keep working efficiently until arteries will be clear or clean. Otherwise, dirty or clogged arteries can create serious troubles. The same thing occurs with your Home Air Duct System. As long as air ducts remain debris and dust-free, they ensure the supply of contaminant-free air within your home. However, if they are clogged with dirt and toxins, as well as various kinds of pests can reside there. Moreover, your HVAC System has to work harder than normal and the indoor air will also become polluted.

Duct Cleaning Services Kitchener Installmart

Dirty Air Ducts Cause SBS

Nowadays, in many industrialized cities of the world, building occupants are experiencing sick building syndrome (SBS). These individuals have no health issues but after spending time in a partial building, they experience a lack of energy, irritated eyes, nausea, or headache-like symptoms. These symptoms differ from person to person based on their sensitivity to airborne pollutants. Though inhaling in the dirty air may not show immediate effects, but it can be an origin of various respiratory issues. Poor ventilation, chemical contaminants and allergens accumulation in the air ducts of residential and office buildings can be a reason for SBS. Air ducts circulate the air throughout a building and in case of clogged air ducts, residents and workers are more exposed to allergens and air pollutants therefore, Hiring Duct Cleaning Services is critical.

Duct Cleaning Services Kitchener Installmart

Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning 

Your home ventilation systems normally have air filters to purify the circulating air. But over time dirt, dust, dust mites, mold spores, and pollen store in the ducts. When the system runs, these toxins and allergens spread throughout the home through these air ducts. These pollutants and allergens also affect the performance of the HVAC system. Duct Cleaning and filter replacement can improve indoor air quality. A General Air Duct System can last for 10-15 years without any significant problem. Regular maintenance with the help of Duct Cleaning Services Near Me can extend its lifespan to even 20-25 years. But experts recommend that the duct system should be replaced after 15 years before pest problems and other issues appear. Many homeowners consider Duct Cleaning prices as wastage of investment, but Installmart, a leading Duct Cleaning Company in Kitchener, services are quite affordable for residential and commercial users.

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There are various air duct systems available in the market, with sheet metal being considered as the most durable option by Duct Cleaning Services Kitchener. It is non-porous, so it discourages mold growth. Meanwhile, many people think flex ducts are a better option for being flexible and versatile. However, homeowners can consult with a qualified HVAC professional to assess which type of air duct system will be suitable for air circulation in their property or to know about Duct Cleaning costs. This will prevent frequent costly repairs and maintain the efficiency of your system. Call our experts for Duct Cleaning, to get an estimate about Air Duct Cleaning costs or for regular system tune-up in order to stay updated about the condition of your air ducts.