Living the chilly winters in a cozy and heated up house is the dream of everyone. If you wish to enjoy the most comfortable and convenient winter seasons, then the best thing for you is a fireplace. While the other Kinds of Fireplaces would produce pollution and need you to buy the burning material regularly, an Electric Fireplace is the best Fire Place near Me. Here is a detailed guide telling you about Electric Fireplaces Services Brampton and their various benefits.

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What is an Electric Fireplace?

An Electric Fireplace is a kind of room heater that uses electricity to heat up a marvelous display of fireplace. It uses electricity in place of coal, natural gas or wood. This way it is environmental friendly and causes least amount of pollution. To heat up a 400 square foot area, it usually consumes about 1.4-1.6 kW of electricity.

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What are the kinds of Electric Fireplace?

Fireplaces usually use a heating material such as coal, wood or natural gas to produce heat in a closed area. Whereas, an electric fireplace only uses electricity and produces heat along with a beautiful display of burning wood or coal that is actually not burning.

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There are three basic types of electric fireplaces offered by Electric Fireplaces Services Brampton. The first one is a standalone model that consists of a mantel and heater. The second one is the inserts that you can place in an old hearth and which are complete with their different flame effects and LED glowing logs. The third type is the custom version that can be built or mounted into a wall or some piece of furniture.

How does an electric fireplace work?

There are metal coils inside the electric fireplaces to create up all the heat. The electricity supply heats up the coils and then a fan or blower motor circulates the warm air into the room. These days, infrared technology is also used in some electric fireplaces to heat a room directly. To create a realistic flicker and flame, a refractor reflects light coming from an LED bulb. To create a cracking wood sound, some electric fireplaces come with a special device.

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These fireplaces are ideal to heat up immediate and small spaces. You can plug the electric fireplace in any place you need the heat. They produce about 4,000 BTUs of heat to easily warm up a 400-square-foot room.

An additional benefit of electric fireplace is that it unlike the old fashioned fireplaces that lose about 50% of the heat produced via the flue or the chimney, electric fireplaces are 100% contained.

Advantaged of Electric Fireplace

  • Easy installation: Unlike the other kinds of fireplaces that need a special built-in place for their installation, an electric fireplace can be installed anywhere in the house. You just need a power outlet giving out 120-volt electric supply for the standard models and 240-vold power supply for the bigger models.
  • Lower operating costs: Electric Fireplace Price is low because you do not have to replenish wood or pay for the gas. It uses lesser electricity to produce more heat and there are less operating costs.
  • No pollution: Apart from the low Electric Fireplace Cost, the electric fireplaces are much more environmental friendly and produce the least or no pollution. They also do not produce any mess and gives access to instant heat and mimics real flames without any cleaning up and tidying.
  • Much safer: They have no hazardous byproducts or zero emissions. They are safe and produce no toxic fumes
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