There are many things that you need to know before hiring any Home Cleaning Services. If you have finally decided to let the cleaners do their job and help you better manage your time between your family, work and other tasks, then it is a great decision you have ever made. Apart from the noisy and hectic cleaning duties, these tasks leave you exhausted and demotivated for the rest of your day. Plus, you may not have the right expertise for cleaning all things of the house in a correct manner. And improper cleaning can cause damage and wearing out of household things.

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All these factors and many more make it good for you to hire professional cleaning service for the household cleaning chores. First things first, before going for any house cleaning company, you should always get a Home Cleaning Estimate. This would help you determine the right cleaning company for the house cleaning of your place.

Types of Home Cleaning service

Basically there are two types of cleaning services offered these days by Home Cleaning Services Brampton.  These include the general cleaning or the brief cleaning and the detail cleaning. They are very different as the first one takes lesser time and money, while the latter one costs you more time and money. But the latter option must be carried out at least once each month to ensure the safety of your house furniture and all other things.

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What’s included in House Cleaning?

The two types of House Cleaning offer different features.

General Home Cleaning includes:

  • Mirror cleaning
  • Bathroom tiles cleaning and disinfection
  • General dusting of the kitchen
  • Chairs and tables are cleaned
  • Dusting of commonly-used places
  • Windowsills are cleaned
  • Dusting of picture frames
  • Kitchen floor is mopped and vacuumed
  • Bathroom baseboards are mopped
  • Wiping of outside of microwave and range hood
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Detail Home Cleaning includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the area under the sink
  • All blinds are washed
  • Inside of range hood and oven are cleaned
  • Remove scale from kitchen tiles, shower heads and bathroom tiles
  • Cleaning of doors to remove fingerprints
  • Furniture, carpet edges and upholstery sis vacuumed
  • Dusting of intricate items
  • Front of cabinets and lamp shades are wiped
  • Dusting of the whole area
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Things you should not expect from House Cleaners

After telling you the things that you should expect the house cleaners to do for you, it is time to discuss the things that house cleaners do not do.

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  • They do not transform your house instantly

Cleaning takes time and you should not expect the cleaners to change your entire house in a very short time. Your place will definitely look clean and fresh after the first cleaning, but several cleans are needed to make your house completely free from dust and debris. Therefore, you should get regular cleaning services for better results.

  • They wouldn’t make your house tidy

They have the job to clean the house, not make the house tidy. They wouldn’t usually pick up dirty clothes or scattered toys from the house before starting the cleaning process. You need to make the house tidy before they come and pick up the magazines and all other stuff away. As this would cost extra time of the cleaners and this may add up to the Home Cleaning Services Price.

Another thing is that they wouldn’t carry out your personal errands such as buying grocery or picking your children from the park. Their scope of work is cleaning your house internally and you should not demand them for things out of that scope.

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