Today, room or window AC is one of the most commonly found electrical appliances in your home. Being an integral part of your home, a Room Air Conditioner also consumes much of your energy budget. As they are specifically designed to only cool the rooms rather than the entire home, so they are cheaper than central units. However, Central Air Conditioners are more efficient than room AC. Smaller room AC uses less than 7.5 amps electrical energy, while larger room AC draws more than 7.5 amps electricity.

Size & Selection

The cooling capacity of a room AC depends on the size of the room. Installation of the right size AC is significant for efficient cooling. It is because an oversize unit will consume more energy to run and perform less effectively. The oversized system will cool the room before proper dehumidification takes place. This will create a clammy and uncomfortable condition. Meanwhile, an undersized unit will not properly cool the room at desired levels during the warm season. So, a right-sized unit will run more efficiently and work effectively than an oversized and undersized room AC.

room air conditioner

Window size, shading, and climate of the area are some other factors needed to be considered before selecting an Air Conditioner. Additionally, you should check whether your home’s electrical system can fulfill the requirements of the AC unit. Room Air Conditioning System generally functions on 115 volts or 230 volt circuits, or it can vary as per the size of the room.


Right installation of an AC unit can save you money and energy. The system should be level to let the inside mechanism run efficiently. There will be no lamp or television near the thermostat of your AC unit because the thermostat can sense the heat from this equipment and affects the efficiency of the AC unit. Set the Thermostat according to your comfort at a normal level in summer, not at colder settings as it will impact the system’s efficiency. Fan speed should be high on normal days and low on humid days. Slower air movement on moist days removes humidity in the air. A well-insulated and air-sealed home increases the productivity of the AC unit.

Things to Consider

Following are things needed to consider while deciding to purchase the right size system for your home.

room air conditioner

  • Budget
  • Energy Usage
  • Right Size Unit
  • Cooling Power
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance


  • Easy to install
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to maintain


  • Only cools specific rooms where they are installed.
  • Create a Little noise.

In the end, if you have decided to buy a new Room Air Conditioner or want to repair an older one, then contact Installmart to get their quality services at your doorsteps. As the right installation of an AC increases its lifetime, so book our Home Services via email or call us at 1-800-531-1268 to acquire our Certified AC installation Services.