Duct cleaning is crucial to ensure a healthy environment in your home. The quality of your indoor air can be worse than outdoor air or can cause allergies and other respiratory ailments. Many individuals who lived or worked in buildings, having poor air quality, can be a victim of sick building syndrome that can lead to mood swings, asthma problems, and much more. So, hiring Professional Duct Cleaning Services is highly recommended mitigating the risk.

Dirty air ducts can be a home of molds and bacteria. Dust can also accumulate there, which can spread to all parts of your home through your heating and cooling unit. It can severely affect those residents who are already experiencing allergies or respiratory issues. Mold normally grows in moist areas of the duct system, and sometimes you may feel strange odors due to their presence. Dust particles, hair and dander can be found in the duct system, and you will never want to take breaths in this air.

Duct Cleaning Services Installmart

These clogged ducts provide a nesting place to different rodents and insects. Rodents and insects can transmit various diseases. Most importantly, the accumulation of lint in vents of a dryer can trigger fire, so Periodic Duct Cleaning should be done.

Air ducts require regular maintenance because its insulation material can damage and may become a part of circulating indoor air. Asbestos is used in its insulation, which can lead to lung cancer. Microbiological growth can increase the moisture level in your home. So maintenance of air ducts is really important to ensure healthy air quality and to increase system efficiency. Your HVAC system has to work harder due to clogged ducts, which will not only affect its performance but also reduce its lifetime.

Signs of Dirty Ducts

  • Mold presence
  • Unexplained allergies symptoms in family member
  • Strange odor or musty and moldy smell
  • Rodents and pests existence
  • Broken heating and cooling system
  • Structural changes in home
  • Ineffective duck maintenance
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Inconsistent airflow
  • High energy bills

Duct Cleaning Services Installmart

If you have discovered any of the above-mentioned signs in your home, then call for Expert Duct Cleaning Services to tackle the issue before it becomes serious. Don’t let time pass without Duct Cleaning Services because more and more debris will be stored in your ducts with every passing day. It will not only affect your power bills but will also influence the health of your dear ones.

So consider to hire Installmart reliable services for Duct Cleaning in your home if you are living in Vaughan, Brampton and Toronto or nearby areas. Our experts use powerful vacuuming machines to remove the pollutants and allergens in your home duct system. Charges for a 3000 sq feet house cleaning are only $195 and $50 extra for dryer vent cleaning. So call us today to schedule an appointment with our qualified team.