Air pollution is becoming an alarming issue in the world these days, and it is a big contribution to many lungs and breathing problems and diseases. Do you know, that having poor indoor air quality can also affect the human lungs and many other problems? Dirty Air Ducts Vents contribute a very big part in polluting the indoor air and causing a downgrade in the indoor air quality. There are many kinds of allergens and pollutants that grow inside the ducts and vents, these circulate in the air all around the house and enter into the human bodies through the air passages and this causes colds and coughs, and even asthma.

Dryer ducts are a very important part of the house for the reason that they help the hot air to escape out of the house through the dryer vent. But, as the air passes through the vents, lint lines up inside the ducts and this is the exact reason why it is essential to clean the ducts every short while.

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How often to clean the ducts?

The general rule of thumb says that you should Clean the Air Ducts Vents at least one time each year. But this is a necessity, and you can clean it more than that but not less than that. There are some factors that determine this, including:

  • The type of your dryer
  • How frequently the dryer is used
  • Size of your family
  • How big your dryer vent is, including the width of the opening and the length of the tube

Clean the Air Duct Vents Installmart

Where to find the dryer vent?

There are two ways to find the dryer ducts. The first one is to find the dryer ducts by looking at the outer wall of the house. There would be a small opening with small flaps or a screen covering it. If warm air is coming out of them, then the flaps open and close. If the dryer is turned on, then the flaps would be moving, or you would feel that air is coming out of the screen.

The second way is to find the flexible tubing that is attached to the dryer vent coming out of the clothes dryer. This tube connects the dryer to the wall or floor. If you look inside the opening in the wall or floor, then you will find the dryer duct.

Clean the Air Duct Vents Installmart

How to clean the dryer duct?

The right way is to use a vacuum hose that would suck the lint, and it would go all the way into the dryer duct. It would definitely be difficult to clean it yourself, therefore it is best to get some Professional Air Duct Vents Cleaning Service. Installmart is there to help you with this and they have well-trained people who will carry out this job perfectly. Just contact Installmart for Air Duct Vents Cleaning anytime from all over Canada.