Usage and demand of HVAC systems continue to rise with time for being one of the most important systems in your home and workplace. Installation of a new furnace, AC or heat pump can improve quality of life by providing a comfortable environment which apparently seems expensive but finally cost-effective in terms of your energy bills.

HVAC installation and replacement costs vary from unit to unit and reliant on the rates charged by local HVAC experts. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are perfect choices for creating a comfortable indoor environment as they keep you cool in summer and warm your place during cold winter days. An efficiently running HVAC system can save your hundreds of dollars whereas an inefficient system can cost you a lot. For that reason, it is necessary to keep the HVAC system well-maintained and replace it if needed.

To follow the HVAC maintenance checklist is a good choice in most of the cases but sometimes, replacing an existing system becomes necessary. Many air conditioning units have a life time of ten years but good maintenance stretches the tenure to fifteen years. After that, you should consider to change your AC and furnace as they will no longer run effectively. Your system also let you know when something went wrong with it. Here I will tell you some signs when your HVAC system needs replacement.

  • Your system starts up more often and takes much time to reach the desired temperature when it gets older or needs a replacement which may be due to bad coils and failing blower motor. So, check out this equipment before ordering a new installation.
  • Older HVAC systems produce louder noises with age but when you find that the blower is humming louder, furnace is groaning and banging or the system creating more noise before starting then it could be a sign that you require to change your old system.
  • If a compressor, motor, or coil fails to work then replacement is necessary as the cost of these equipment and wages of their repair is very high. It would be right to invest your money in buying a new system.
  • 10 years old HVAC system will be considered outdated today as newer units has digitized and programmable thermostats which are easy to use, therefore replacement will be beneficial.

The cost of a new unit depends on various factors like square footage of a home and local costs. The price of the HVAC unit also depends on the complexity of the setup and efficacy of the system. There are some additional costs too which also consider before installing a new unit.

HVAC Installation and Replacement Costs

  • You will have to replace the base of your outdoor unit as the new unit could be larger or smaller than the older one.
  • Proper home insulation is also necessary to run your HVAC system efficiently.
  • Before installing a new HVAC system, upgrade the circuit breaker box, wiring, breakers, and service panel etc. as well by hiring an expert technician.
  • You must have a ductwork in your home before a new forced-air heating or cooling system installation. In older homes that utilized radiant heat, it would be really costly.
  • Installation of a whole-home humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or air cleaners will be additional equipment costs.

Eventually, you will definitely need an installation service around you to manage, install, and replace your HVAC system and Installmart home services in Toronto are available for your convenience. You can get HVAC installation and replacement costs information on or can buy a new system and professionals will get it installed in your home within 48 hours. What are you waiting for? Call us today or book our home services online.